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giant lava lamp, blue glass sconce, lamp shades for floor lamps

Have you just moved into your new home? Are you tired of the dull look your old house seems to have acquired of late? Hey, just get new lights and see how they transform your house.

I’ve always had this thing for big lights so what better than a giant lava lamp? I saw this lamp by Mathmos at my friend’s dad’s place and it was love at first sight. It’s around 2 meters tall and yes, not child-friendly if you consider it from the financial point of view. It costs a small fortune but is impressively beautiful. You can get it coated with fun colors of your choice like red, blue, orange, pink, purple and green. The lava liquid lasts for around 2000 hours but you get refills easily. This giant lava lamp holds pride of place in my living room.

I got this lovely blue glass sconce light fixture for my entryway that’s an alluring mixture of hand-craftsmanship and modern form for the wall. And let me tell you, it’s brightened up the whole place and given it a lovely new look. There’s something about blue, a turquoise blue that is so serene yet has such an invigorating quality to it. I saw other attractive lamps like the blue sconce with the polished nickel fittings, a fused glass, blue mosaic wall sconce and a blue fire glass wall sconce and I was really tempted to buy all of them! But that would be going overboard!

I have some corners that I’m particularly fond of like my reading corner. I’d been reading up on lamps shades for floor lamps and decided to get a vintage-style fiber glass lamp shade for my favorite corner. You can get lamp shades custom made according to your taste. Try scouring old, antique shops for old lamp shades and have it changed to something that has an old-world charm and matches the décor in your home. Or get the ultra-modern sleek ones that look great with contemporary furniture.

Try it. Nothing can transform a space like right lighting. You don’t need to be an expert to figure out what you like. Just see something you like and visualize it in your home. If it looks right, it is right. Go for it!

Looking for something more specific? Try 250 watt floor lamps.

5 Responses to “Colorful lighting options”

  1. Sparky Says:

    Please tell me how much one of these cost, and where I can get one. Exactle what Im looking for. Any other informatio you care to share please do.
    Thank you so much,

  2. Minh Says:

    Hello Sparky,

    Those lamps should cost you around $80.00. To buy, just go click on and search “giant lava lamps.” Hope that helps!


    Become Inc.

  3. susan laking Says:

    where can I buy one of your giant lava lamps I’m in london ont. can.

  4. felini Says:

    who would i contact for the sale of the two lava lamps at the top of the page.

  5. Angela Poe Says:

    I would also like to know where I can purchase the two Lava lamps at the top of the page. I love them!

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