Conserve water, starting with your shower habits


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Recently, many more people have become aware of their carbon footprint. More people are following that good ol’ jingle: recycle, reduce, reuse. One of the best ways we can lower the impact we have on our planet is to conserve water. There are a lot of simple little ways you can save water. If you have a double shower head, you could cut your water use way down by sharing the shower. Plus, saving water also cuts down your water bill.

A luxurious bathroom with stylized accessories can make you feel relaxed. The latest bathroom accessories and fixtures come in a lot of finishes, materials, colors and styles. If your old shower head is getting too gross, replace it with a double shower head. This shower fixture has two shower heads running off one pipe. If you share your shower, you’ll be using half as much water. Not the sharing type? Just cut back your shower time to save water.

A great shower head that lets you get into the sharing spirit is the dual arm shower head. This has one shower head fastened to the wall and the second shower head joined to a double length swiveling arm, making this adjustable shower head perfect for a shower that has limited space. If you have one of those showers that is also a bath tub, then a dual arm shower head is perfect to maximize the space you have.

Another type of dual shower heads is the shower head brass bar. Extending from your shower wall, this bar allows for both shower heads to be affixed to either end of the T-shaped bar. Due to the water-flow-valve added to both shower heads, you have complete control of water flow so you can set each shower head on a different mode. That way, you can shut one shower head off entirely if only one person is using the shower. These shower head bar comes with an oversize shower head, a jet shower head, or dual massage heads. Check out zoe industries shower heads.

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