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pillar candle set, candle chandelier, glass candy jars

Have you tried your hand at candle making at home? I have, and received compliments galore! Gift them to someone special. Take a look here on how you can creatively give your own special touch to candles:

Start with a pillar candle set. Keep all the supplies ready like wax, wick, containers or pillar molds, fragrances, dyes, putty for molds and a wax melter. Heat the wax in a double broiler on low heat. Different types of wax need different heating temperature. Clean the mold with mold cleaner as it’ll help dislodge the candle easily. Cut the wicking 3 inches longer than the mold and dip it in melted wax and cool and lay it in the mold. Add dyes and fragrances as required to the melted wax. You can layer with two or three different colors and fragrances. Pour hot wax into pillar molds and let cool.

Another way you can make a candle is by pouring heated wax into glass candy jars to make pretty candles. You can layer them in different colored wax or use a single color. Stick pretty leaves or flowers into the jars prior to pouring in the wax. Once cooled, the flowers and leaves will stick to the wax to make pretty designs on the candles. You can use a collection of glass candy jar candles as a centerpiece for a stunning effect. You can even try to match your upholstery or curtains with the candles.

Once you’ve tried making your basic candle, you can try your hand at making a candle chandelier for your candles. The cost of bulbs and the power consumed can be quite high when you choose to light up your electric chandelier. Instead pull out or cut all the wires in the holders and at the junction till you have only the clean base left. Retain the chain if you want to hang it at a reachable level or remove the chain altogether and keep the candle chandelier on a table. Use standard candles to fit into the empty bulb holders or shave off from other candles and make them fit into the chandelier.

Keep an area separately to make candles as the whole process can leave a mess. Never leave a candle unattended. Don’t make candles near an open flame as melted wax is highly flammable.

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  1. Mary Says:

    can you make one with caramel smell to it? i love candles and the scents they give. i am hooked on the smell.

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