Lady Gaga has some new beats


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Well, she at least has one new beat. At one in the morning Lady Gaga released her new single “Born This Way.” If you’re a Gaga fan, then you probably stayed awake last night to listen to her new song. I’m not the type to sit around at home waiting for her new release, but I did enjoy that the bar I was at tuned in to a radio station to play her new song for everyone. Plus, it suddenly made more sense why a group of girls were dressed up in Lady Gaga outfits, complete with Lady Gaga wigs.

Now, a lot of people are already jumping on the bandwagon to say that Lady Gaga’s new song sounds just like Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” but I’m not so quick to agree with that. Though they’re similar, I don’t think “Born This Way” sounds close enough to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” to be a lawsuit risk for Lady Gaga. I’m sure the fact that she’s being compared to Madonna is making Gaga happy, because she’s being compared to one of her musical idols. What’s more important to me is that Gaga has a new album scheduled for release late May of this year.

heartbeats lady gagaRight now, Lady Gaga has a pretty solid hold on the music scene, especially with her eye-catching (sometimes crazy) outfits. For those of us who like to hit downtown regularly, I’m sure we’ve all danced to some of her songs. If you don’t like to dance, you can still enjoy her music. You could even go so far as to listen to Gaga from a pair of the popular Heartbeats Lady Gaga headphones. These Monster Cable Heartbeats headphones reflect Lady Gaga’s style, with their glamorous and geometric design.

When I first heard “Born This Way,” the radio station was having a contest where callers could even win the Heartbeats Lady Gaga headphones. These are even handy for people who listen to music on their phones, because they feature a mic attached to controls that are right on the headphone wire. Once I heard about these headphones on the radio and checked them out for myself, I was interested to know what other designs have been inspired by Lady Gaga. Apparently, there’s a limited edition MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipglass – which is an ultra-shiny version of lipstick or lipgloss. So if you want your lips to look like Gaga’s from her album cover for The Fame, you should definitely check out the MAC Lady Gaga lipglass.

Listen to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on her website, and comment below on whether or not you think it sounds like Madonna’s song. Either way, I can’t wait for her new album!


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4 Responses to “Lady Gaga has some new beats”

  1. Sarah S Says:

    Hi Everyone, First time poster and looking forward to being a part of the conversation !

  2. sohoaccessories Says:

    Imitation is the best form of flattery …I heard that Madonna is thrilled for Lady Gaga and her new song. The sound is similar but not the same.

  3. Krista Says:

    I’m glad that Madonna didn’t take offense to any similarities in Lady Gaga’s song. Also, I wasn’t very into Gaga’s song at first but it’s kinda catchy now that I’ve heard it a few times.

  4. Kim Says:

    haha, I didn’t even know that it was Gaga until I saw the Grammys!

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