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The iPhone from Apple has certainly changed things in the smart phone market. It is fair to say that the iPhone revolutionized the smart phone market by bringing out a phone with a slick interface and a very capable operating system in the iOS. Now the iPhone may be extremely powerful and feature packed but one thing that will bother most people is the fact that it is extremely fragile. Hence you will have to get yourself a good case for it. Now in addition to protecting your iPhone from damage the case must look good as well. Let’s take a look at a few decent iPhone cases.

Among the present iPhone cases I would prefer the otterbox iPhone 3g case which is simple and it does its job. These cases are compatible with the all the models of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3Gs. This case has a smooth and translucent outer shell which enables users to easily place it in your pocket without much effort. The silicone skin cover and outer polycarbonate shell work together to protect your smart phone from scratches and from reasonable impact. These cases are available for in about 7 different colors to suit your taste.

Speck has some of the best cases for the iPhone 4. These cases make sure the iPhone 4 does not lose its sleek design. Most Speck iPhone cases have a hard back design with at least 2 layers of protection. This is something that you would want for your iPhone 4 considering the fact that it is made out of toughened glass. The rubberized interiors and button covers will keep it safe from scratches and minor falls.

If you are looking at some custom cases that are present online then the Zazzle iphone speck case would be the best you can get. This case comes complete with a padded neoprene interior and encloses the iPhone in a high-grade aluminum shell. This will ensure the safety of your delicate iPhone. The case has openings for the display screen, keyboard, volume and the power button. If you have the money to spend this is the best case a clumsy iPhone user can get!

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