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Awareness about exercising for good health is quite wide now thanks to TV and Internet. But how many of us know how many calories we actually burn during our workout sessions? Take a look at how you can:

Omron pedometer

An Omron pedometer is used to measure the number of steps one takes during a walk or during the course of the day. You have the option of wearing it as a watch or use it as a clip-on attached to one’s hip. It uses the number of steps walked and converts it into the distance walked by the user. It becomes easier to calculate the number of calories burnt and can aid weight-loss goals. It can motivate you to walk more and increase your activity if you wear it the whole day when at the end of the day, you monitor the distance walked during the day.

Omron blood pressure monitors

Being aware of your blood pressure is advisable as hypertension, if left untreated, can be a cause for heart attacks, kidney failure and strokes. Since there are no visible symptoms until blood pressure is very high, you could unknowingly dismiss signs of it. Omron blood pressure monitors can check your pressure regularly and get accurate results so you’re able to keep up with your active lifestyle. The blood pressure monitor gives you three readings and averages the total for an accurate reading and it has a choice of four arm cuff circumferences.

Nike running watches

The Nike running watches are perfect if you’re into serious running or walking. Something like the Nike + Sportband is ideal to measure your pace, distance run, time taken and calories burned. The watch is housed in a removable USB device that can be fitted into a wristband. It displays running statistics and current time. What I particularly like about this watch is that after I finish my walk, I can remove the USB device and insert it into my computer and upload the running stats.

Monitoring your walking or running can make a huge difference to how you approach your daily workout routine. Make use of these useful devices to get nearer your weight-loss goals and keep fit and healthy.

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