Picking out the right dock for your MP3 player


Frontgate iPhone dock, Onkyo iPod dock, Philips iPod dock

The iPod is one of the most popular mp3 players around. The unique design, amazing features, and great functionality make it the one of the best mp3 players you will get. What’s more, due to their popularity, most media players and speakers come with iPod docks to give added functionality! Let us take a look at a few docks and see which one would be the right one for you.

If you are looking for an iPod/iPhone dock with a clock radio, then you should go in for the Frontgate iPhone dock. This iPod/iPhone dock happens to be one of the best clock radios available. With this dock you can wake up to your favorite digital music or to a radio station. Not only will this wake you up to your favorite music it will also charge your iPod/iPhone. This clock radio dock features  AM/FM radio, dual alarms with snooze, remote control, and a headphone jack. It also features five-preset equalizers for you to customize according to the genre of music you’re playing. The audio playback is clear as it should be thanks to the 6-watt RMS speakers.

Now if you are looking to place your iPod/iPhone in the center of your home theater system then you should get yourself an Onkyo iPod dock. This dock will give a convenient way to connect your iPod to Onkyo components and systems, as well as other brands of audio/video gear. Along with this dock you also get audio/video cables to your receiver to transmit music, photos and videos from your iPod. Another great part about this dock is the fact that it comes with its own remote for convenient usage.  This iPod dock can also generate an on-screen menu for browsing through your iPod/iPhone’s contents on your TV. Overall this would be the perfect dock to get if you have an Onkyo home theater system.

If you happen to be looking for a portable iPod dock with speakers, then you should get yourself the portable Philips iPod dock. This iPod dock will offer powerful and rich sound for your iPod/iPhone. For its size it sure does pack a punch and has crisp and tight bass along with a clear treble. It is also extremely simple to use and you can carry it around on the go. This dock is perfect when you travel a lot and need to carry speakers.

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