April Fools’ Day pranks you can pull off at work


GBC laminator, 3M Post-it, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse

If you’re thinking: “What? It’s the end of March already?! Oh no – I haven’t even thought about what I’m going to do for April Fools’ Day!” you can stop worrying. I’ve got you covered. Through my extensive (*cough* ten minute *cough*) prank research, I’ve got a roundup of just a few pranks you can pull off at work:

Mess with your coworkers’ space

This prank is a classic that has many variations. The basic idea is that you cover, fill, or somehow block their space. Here are just a few ways I’ve found that you can mess with their space:

  • Line their floor with cups that you’ve filled with water. If you have the extra time, use food coloring in the water to create a pattern.
  • Saran wrap their desk chair and computer until they’re completely unusable. When you get to the end of the wrap, hide where it ends so they can’t just pull it off. The final touch: remove all sharp things from their desk and the desks around them.
  • Raid the supply closet as soon as you get into work. Use 3M Post-it notes on everything. And I mean everything. Use different colors for different objects.

Mess with your coworkers’ minds

Some of the best pranks have one thing in common – you mess with your victim’s mark’s mind. Now, you should never aim for a mental breakdown so epic that you cause them to have the shakes permanently. But you are certainly capable of pulling off a prank that’s YouTube worthy. One that doesn’t take a lot of setup but will give you some funny footage is the “Voice Activated” copier prank.

Create a sign that says voice activation features have been added to the copy machine, and make it look official by using a GBC laminator. Make sure you provide detailed instructions, ending with a troubleshooting note at the bottom that suggests to say the commands louder if the copier doesn’t respond. Bonus points if you add a fake (but realistic-looking) microphone that has a cord running to the back of the machine.

Mess with your coworkers’ computer

The thing I love about technology is just how frustrated it can make someone when it doesn’t work right. On April Fools’ Day, you’ll find that computers are one of the easiest things to pull a prank on. Get ready with your tech savvy for these pranks.

  • Whether you bring yours from home or already have one at your desk, a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse is handy for pranks. When your coworker isn’t around, hook up your wireless gadgets to their computer. You are now the ghost in their machine and can drive them crazy until they figure it out.
  • Mice are the easiest to mess with. If it’s an old mouse, take out the track ball and watch as they try to use it. Optical mice are even easier – you only need to put a piece of tape over the bottom. If you have enough time, switch the mouse settings from right-handed to left, or vice versa.
  • Finally, change their screensaver or desktop background. The screensaver that will freak them out the most is the “blue screen of death,” but messing with their background is my favorite. Take a screenshot of their desktop and set it as their background, then hide all of the icons they had. They’ll go crazy when they click on an icon and nothing happens.

Whatever you decide to do, have a fun April Fools’ Day!


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