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The iPhone 4 is by far one of the most stylish phones around. The sleek design, made with high grade materials, gives the phone a premium feel. It is not design only that made this phone popular, but also the hardware inside it, as well as the advanced operating system in the iOS. Now there is no doubt that this is quite possibly the best smart phone available but it sure is fragile. The fact that the iPhone 4 is made from toughened glass will send shivers down your spine every time you happen to drop it. A drop from 4 feet a couple of times and you’d be surprised they used the word “toughened” glass to describe it.

Now to take care of your iPhone you would need a few accessories. First off since this phone has a touch interface, it would be wise to buy a scratch guard. Now, Apple claims that the screen is scratch proof, but I am sure you wouldn’t want to find out the hard way that it isn’t. A scratch guard is a transparent plastic sheet which will cover the screen of your iPhone and protect it from scratches which might occur via day to day usage. Putting this on will ensure that your screen remains scratch free.

Now that the screen of your iPhone is protected, it is time to protect the sleek body as well. Now to protect your iPhone, it would be advisable to get yourself an iPhone case. There are many iPhone 4 cases to suit your style nowadays. There are a few places where you can get custom cases for your iPhone 4 as well. There are iPhone 4 bumper cases available which will protect the metal band surrounding your iPhone 4. These cases are also necessary if you happen to have reception issues with your iPhone 4. They are the best solution to the “antennagate” problem which the iPhone 4 has. Even the latest iPhone 4, which recently came out for the Verizon network, has the same problems and you would have to get yourself the Verizon iPhone case if you encounter reception issues.

So go ahead and get your iPhone 4 a scratch guard and an iPhone case and protect it from damage!

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