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Okay. Is it time for some different palate? Here’s how to cook and relish one of the world’s most popular food – Pita bread and hummus. Pita bread and hummus are found anywhere in the Middle East and extends up to West Asia. If you want to bring some of that culture to your table, I have a list to get you started.

First of all, please be advised that Hummus is just a simple chickpea paste. It bamboo cutting boardis spread over the bread called Pita and eaten. If you want to make Hummus at home, I strongly recommend you start with getting some tools in place. A bamboo cutting board can be a good start. A bamboo cutting board is an absolutely useful tool. When you get to making Hummus, you will need to cut some tahini and garlic. The board is rubbed with natural olive oil finish that helps you get the accuracy with speed while you are moving your hands. The board also doesn’t shrink and absorbs very little moisture.cuisinart elite food processor

Then, next on the list to get your Middle Eastern food ready is a Cuisinart elite food processor. A Cuisinart elite food processor has an line of exciting features with great capacity. It is a heavy-duty processor with ultra powerful motor. It is quite capable of grinding anything. Well, almost anything. The only area of little concern is the power consumption by this machine. You may exercise caution about the frequency of its use. Now, if you are inclined to making Hummus then you will need some chickpea. Soak them into water, crush and separate it from their skins. When you’ve got this all, you can then dump the pea into the processor along with olive, lemon and some garlic. That’s it.

Now, Cuisinart food processor parts are little on the expensive side so avoid using it too much. A great alternative is the Alesis multi effects processor. The machine is great to make pastes and creams but since it is technologically advanced, you need to ensure it is kept away from moisture and is always clean.

Now, get yourself moving and prepare yourself for some great dinner.

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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