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Vases have always been an integral part of any home décor. Truly speaking, home décor remains incomplete without a few beautiful vases. And who doesn’t love flowers in vases?  There are several other expensive ways to decorate your home, but with vases you won’t go high on your budget. Vases are a great yet inexpensive way to decorate your home. And you don’t have to necessarily buy them. Creating your very own vase is simple and a fun way to decorate your home and give it your personal touch.

Creating a vase only requires some creativity. An old glass bottle or a plastic soft drink bottle can become a beautiful vase with some manipulation. Glass vases have always been a favorite of mine. You can simply use your large tumblers as glass vases. However, if you want something very stylish and do not have enough time to bring out your creative best, then the simplest thing you can do is shop for some exquisite vases that you can use for your home décor. Glass vases make ideal centerpieces for tables. They can vase fillerseasily become the focal point of the room if they are decorated in the right manner. You can fill the vase with the flowers – this is the most basic way to decorate a vase. But items that you may not expect to see in a vase will make for a more interesting décor. Try other vase fillers like pearls, candles or even pebbles. I’m particularly very fond of the vase that I have kept on my dining table with little white and red pearls and a few floating candles. This beautiful looking vase adds a romantic touch to all my dinners with my partner.floor vase

Floor vases can do wonders to your home décor too. We often find in our home an extra space that isn’t big enough to hold a shelf or any piece of furniture. If you have an empty space like that and do not know what to do with it – simple, just have a tall floor vase placed there. A floor vase is the best way to accentuate a tall window or a French door. You can try filling these floor vases with some dried wheat grass or branches for a natural look. If you want some color, try adding some silk flowers.

Vases have always been used in home décor to add life to the otherwise plain home. Brighten up your house with some colorful elements filled in vases. There is no better way than this to create a charming yet an affordable décor for your home.

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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