Get GPS for a spring road trip


Garmin 750, Garmin 1350, forerunner 110

With the weather warming up, it is just about the right time to hit the road and head out on a road trip! Spring road trips are just perfect. The weather is not freezing anymore and at the same time it isn’t that hot as well. Now road trips are fun whatever way you look at it. The only downside would be if you happen to lose your way and end up in the middle of nowhere. Now in most movies you would notice that getting lost leads to fun adventures, but trust me, it isn’t the case in real life. So what do you do to ensure you don’t get lost on your road trips? Simple: get a GPS navigation device.

When it comes to GPS navigation, the first name that comes to mind would be Garmin GPS systems. Garmin navigation devices and services are very well known for their reliability and versatility. They gained popularity by making user-friendly GPS navigation devices which are easy to set up and portable. The Garmin 750 is the ideal GPS navigation device for an outdoor enthusiast. This is ideal if you are camping, hiking or trekking across open country. This device also comes preloaded with maps of Europe, and will serve you well on trips across Europe.

If you are looking for something slimmer with the same features then you get yourself the Garmin 1350 GPS device. This device is extremely handy to have on your trips across North America as well as Europe. It announces streets by name, guides you to the proper lane for navigation, offers pedestrian navigation options, and even calculates a more fuel-efficient route with an “ecoRoute” function that is built in.

For those of you who hike a lot in the woods or are into jogging on trails, you should get yourself a GPS watch. Once again Garmin has one of the best, most functional GPS watches. The Garmin Forerunner 110 is an easy to use sports watch which will tell you how far and how fast you have run/jogged/walked. Since it is GPS enabled it will accurately record your time, pace, distance and calories burned. It is pretty simple to use, all you have to do is hit the start button and run and when you are done upload to Garmin Connect to view the route you have taken and share it and store it.

So get yourself a GPS device and never get lost!

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