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Even when you haven’t closed up the home for months, there is sometimes an odor to the house. It could be because of old cooking odors like frying or because of cooking strong smelling foods like onions or odors that are caused by pets. Imagine being greeted by perfumed fragrances on entering the house or on waking up in the morning.

It’s not difficult to have a sweet smelling home. Febreze Air Effects works to eliminate bad odors in your home or workplace and leave behind a fresh smelling room. Febreze Odor Eliminator works quickly to eliminate bad odors like smoke and other smells from inside the house and bathroom. Febreze has more than 16 pleasing floral fragrances that suit most tastes and has a variety of products like air fresheners, fabric fresheners, plug-in oils, scented disks and eliminating candles.

I’ve also always loved the idea of having tall glass vases filled with potpourri so the room always smells fragrant and fresh. I have a glass vase with a bow tied round its neck in my living room that I’ve filled with floral scented potpourri. Potpourri in glass vases can be refreshed regularly with scented oils to retain the fresh smell. You can even spray some of your favorite perfume on to the potpourri to keep the room smelling lovely. And tall glass vases have the effect of making a room look elegant and sophisticated.

And have you tried keeping flameless, scented candles in your home? They not only look lovely, but they also have this divine and subtle aroma that fills your senses on entering the room. Scented flameless candles with their special wick that resembles a real burning candle have the effect of instantly lighting up a room with a warm, cozy and soothing Zen like atmosphere that calms you down when you want to unwind. The candles are battery operated and are safe; and most importantly, there’s no wax or soot to deal with.

Keep your house clean and make sure you have handy air fresheners around the home to eliminate bad odors.

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