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stability ball chair, crunch ball, Pilates ball

If you’re into fitness and exercising, you’ll definitely be familiar with the term “core exercises” to improve your posture and core strength even if you haven’t exactly worked towards that. With aids like the stability ball chair, crunch ball and Pilates ball, you have specific methods to get to that core strengthening bit. Get a trainer to guide you in the initial stages till you get comfortable.

The stability ball chair helps posture and increases core strength, endurance and balance. You can use it at your workplace or to watch TV and it aids faster and better calorie burning. Spine alignment is better on the stability chair when you’re forced to sit for long hours at your desk and decreases back pains. And you need never have the excuse that you’re overworked and didn’t have the time to exercise. You can exercise while you’re sitting on the chair and working at your computer and feel energetic and fit.

If you’re targeting your abs, use the crunch ball to strengthen your abs. Since the legs are used more, the crunch ball exercises are very effective in managing your abs. Get expert help in learning how to use the crunch ball for maximum effect. Position your lower back on the center of the ball with your feet firmly placed on the ground and your hands on either side of your head and crunch your upper body forward. Rolling your shoulders towards the hip along with this movement makes for one count. Placing a weight place on your chest for additional resistance can make your crunch ball exercise more effective.

You can use the Pilates ball or exercise balls along with other forms of exercise like yoga and other workouts. I have found Pilates to be very effective for my abs and I can actually see results. When you hold the Pilates ball between your ankles and do your crunches, you can feel the long, lean muscles working out. Pilates ball exercises improves posture, builds up strong and lean muscles and improves joint mobility to keep you fit. I faithfully stick to Pilates as I find that my back doesn’t get stressed out and I feel rested.

Using exercise balls regularly can improve your core strength and improve your posture while improving stamina and coordination. Always get expert help initially when you attempt new or vigorous exercises.

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