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Juicy Couture duchess bag, Juicy Couture tote, Juicy Couture daydreamer handbag

I love Juicy Couture bags period! But few years back I wasn’t fashion conscious enough to tell their styles apart or be confident of carrying them for different occasions. Now, I can look at a Juicy Couture bag from a mile away (theoretically) and give you a complete insight on it.

Juicy Couture is a perfect blend of contemporary pop trends with traditionally fabrics of the past. They have have the ability to fuse vintage fashion with modern funky designs in a playful attitude. Now, Juicy Couture offers dozens of purse styles, but the top three must-haves in your wardrobe should be:

1. Juicy Couture tote

Made in fabrics like canvas, leather and velour, these Juicy Couture totes remain a timeless and beautiful accessory. You can pick them for almost any occasion as these multifunctional and gorgeous pieces never let you down. For instance the Nina tote is a versatile accessory that you can carry to both work and casual outings. If leather is not your style, then opt for a canvas or nylon tote that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also a great gift item for your gal pals or mom, aunt or sister.

Juicy Couture bag

2. Juicy Couture Duchess bag

The Duchess bag from Juicy Couture gives you instant glamor. The bag pictured above is one of my favorite Duchess designs with sequined stripes and gold straps for that wow factor. Functionally, it also has a bright floral coin purse that helps you stay organized. If you want something a little less flashy, then you can pick a quilted black also.

3. Juicy Couture Daydreamer handbag

The daydreamer handbag is every romantic’s dream come true. The heart- and dot-shaped perforations on the bag (above, right) give create it a lot of interesting texture. The slouchy leather tote is cinched with a dazzling drawstring top. The lotus rouge color is my favorite but you can also pick the understated black version too. Juicy Couture’s Daydreamer is ideal for work, a romantic date and almost any other occasion you can think of!

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