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Why do we envy and love, Angelina Jolie? The answer is her lips. Every girl (and at times, guys too) dream of having luscious, smooth and full lips. Our lips are the most beautiful part of our body. But the fact is, our lips experience some harsh conditions, during dry and cold weather. Lips get chapped because of deficiency of moisture and believe me, chapped lips are real embarrassment for every girl. The one product that helps to maintain and keep our lips forever smooth and soft is the lip balms.

There are plenty of lip balms available in the market today, from branded ones like Cover Girl Lipstick to the medicated ones. Not all are beneficial for our lips, especially, the lip balms that have a petroleum base infused with petroleum jelly. These lip balms offer only temporary solution and not a prolonged one. These don’t help in offering moisture or enhancing the absorption capacity of the lips’ skin.

Better than the petroleum jelly based lip balms are the shea or the cocoa butter based lip balms, like the Carmex lip balm. Cocoa and shea butter is great ingredient for lip balms because they help in increasing the skin cell’s capacity to retain the necessary moisture. The elements present in the butter, enables the skin to retain the moisture in them.

The best ingredients to keep our lips soft and smooth are the natural and organic ones. The best and most effective one is the Burts bee lip balm. This balm contains pomegranate oil and this nourishes hydrates and soothes the lips. This product is 100% organic that helps in keeping our lips forever smooth, beautiful and healthy. Since, the product is infused with antioxidants, derived from the pomegranate oil and the hint of pink color that it gives out, surely, makes one’s lips cute and toned in appearance.

Next time you wake up with dried and chapped lips, don’t fret over it. Rather apply some lip balm, preferably, the organic and natural ones. These natural lip balms will keep you going great for the rest of the day for sure!

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