Add a little country to your lifestyle


Gustavian lamp, Old Hickory tufted sofa, pine armoire

The entice and allure of country home decorating is probably the desire to escape the scuttle and hassles of a hectic everyday life. One begins to feel the need to return to a time when living was simpler, conceivably even happier. The necessity of being your true self is what influences today’s country style home decor.

Country decorating is about nurturing a feeling and an ambiance that evokes nostalgia for simpler lives without being complex or artificial. We get the feel of being closer to nature and life. This type of interior expresses faith in family, friends and our work with whom we are integrally attached.

If you want to add a country influence to your  living space, you  may feature floors with natural finish, typical furniture like Old Hickory tufted sofa and pine armoire  with accessories like Oriental Gustavian lamp while keeping your plaster walls  unpainted.

Therefore we can define it as a style featuring pastoral simplicity and practice. Home decorating country style is analyzed as welcoming, modest, pleasant and humble. Country style home decor typically includes antiques, replicas, handmade crafts all together. Though sturdy, Country furniture usually has a rugged appearance. An Old Hickory Tufted Sofa in the living room will be quite apt to give the room its antique look. This stately piece of furniture has a commanding presence and a luxurious feel. As you settle back into tufted magnificence covered in distressed, dark-cherry leather,you will feel completely absorbed.

When talking about the furniture, I would like to specially mention of wood, as wood was used in all of its furniture giving a very-close-to-nature feeling. Moreover the furniture used is not so finished to get the more of a natural look. The overall décor will also need the natural and earthy hues for that perfect look. . A rustic  pine armoire will truly be the centerpiece of your living room to make a perfect country living . A blend of cottage styling with country accented details with hand-rubbed and accent finished craftsmanship will create a magic.

The country theme can embrace Gustavian lamp, mirrored wall frames or stenciled signs. Gustavian lamp helps in providing a classic traditional look of elegance by maintaining its tradition by creating an ambiance that evokes our past. Make your Living room warm and inviting with this homespun square shade finished in polished chrome.

Country decorating is not a mere style but a feeling that proffers a way for you to add your personal touch to your interior. Put across a family-saying to give your room the much loved feel. Enjoy adding a little country to your lifestyle!

Guest blogger: Divya

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  1. Jennifer Hojnacki Says:

    Beautiful photo! I love country decorating and furnishings, and you’re so right, it reminds me of a simpler time. I am going to search Oriental Gustavian lamp…that is a new one for me (thanks). I use a lot of pottery pieces both for eating and decorating as well to give the simple feel. I like lots of them but Hadley is my favorite.

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