Setting up a Blu Ray home theater


Blu ray home theatre

Having an awesome home theater system which will substitute your going to theaters and watching movies is something that almost everyone wants. In the past it wasn’t possible but with today’s latest electronics you can very well set up a home theater system which will be have the viewing experience like that of a theater. Now setting up a home theater system is critical. Let us take a look at a few things you would need to do to set it up right.

The first thing you would need to do in setting up a Blu-Ray home theater system or any home theater system would be to determine the exact length of cables you need. Now since you would want the highest of audio and video quality HDMI cables should be the ones you should use. HDMI cables are available in lengths and if your need is more than what they have then you would need a HDMI to HDMI connector. If you want to avoid audio cables then you can opt for a Wi-Fi home theater system where the speaker system is wirelessly connected to the Blu Ray player and in-turn to the receiver. Among the Blu ray home theatre systems with wireless capabilities the Samsung HTC6600 is one of the best ones you would find. In addition to the wireless capabilities they also have the ability to display 3D content provided you have a 3D ready TV.

Once you decide on cables or wireless you would need to place your speaker appropriately for maximum performance. Your speakers would need to be placed across the room specified for the home theater. It would be great if you could place your speakers along the four corners of the room to get that surround sound effect. This way you will experience theater like sound. If the room allotted for your home theater is large it would be good to go in for wireless speakers as it would be a lot more convenient. One thing to remember would be that more speakers doesn’t necessarily mean better sound and the perfect example to back that statement would be the Bose Cinemate

Now coming to the display unit, if you happen to have a projector its placement is important as you wouldn’t want anything coming in the way of its projection. A wall mounted projector would be perfect as it would be out of reach and nothing would come in its way. If you happen to go for a large screen HDTV then it would be best if you got a good TV stand or wall mount it if its possible. The latest large screen LED TVs can be wall mounted as they are slim and light weight. If you happen to have a plasma TV then it you wouldn’t have a choice but to buy a sturdy TV stand.

Now all you need to do is sit back relax and watch some of your favorite movies right at home!

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