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D link dir 601

Wires aren’t something that a lot of us are fond of and most of us look for ways where we can use wireless technology. When it comes to computers the most commonly used wireless product here would be the having a wireless internet set up within your home. Now this might sound complicated but it’s pretty simple to set up a wireless internet system at your home.

First off to set up a wireless network at home you should ensure that all electronics at your home have Wi-Fi capabilities. Without devices such as laptops, Smartphones, tablets or other gadgets which have wireless capabilities there is no point in setting up a wireless network. Now for those of you who do need a wireless network here’s how you set it up. First of you need to get your hands on a wireless router. When buying routers you should basically look for a 10 gigabit router rather than G wireless routers as they have more wireless range. N wireless routers might be slightly expensive compared to G wireless routers but it would be better as the extra range it has could come in handy if you happen to have a large home. For those of you who are going to use your router for wireless gaming you should use the D link dir 601. This router evenly distributes high speed internet access with computers, game consoles, and media players.

Now that you have got yourself a wireless router it is time to setup your wireless network. The first thing you should be doing is connecting the internet cable to the appropriate slot on your router. Once you do this you should connect your router to your PC using an RJ 45 cable which you would get along with your router. You can use any of the free ports on the router to do so. Once this is done you would need to connect your router and your PC. Now it is time to configure your router’s wireless settings. To do this you would need to type in your router’s address on your computers browser. It usually is or Once you access your router settings you would have the option to configure your internet settings automatically or manually. The automatic option is a lot easier so it would be better to use that. Belkin wireless routers have an extremely simple user interface where setting up a wireless internet connection is a piece of cake. After configuring your settings you should ensure you put a password for your wireless network so that it is not used by anyone else and your wireless network is all ready!

So there you go it wasn’t so tough was it?

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