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I love turquoise! Period! This stone is available in shades of blue, green and even bluish greens, which are so soothing as well as trendy. Traditionally, turquoise is known to represent good luck and fortune, accompanied with health and success. So, something this fashionable and lucky should be a wardrobe staple!

Turquoise was historically known for its medicinal properties – in ancient times, it was used for treating cataracts. For thousands of years, this stone has been considered to be holy and has been named the “gemstone of the people.” Turquoise has even been found in Ancient Egypt grave furnishings! Persians wore this stone for defense against unnatural death.  A change of color meant doom for the wearer.

Today, turquoise is one of the most worn and preferred stones in the fashion industry. Top notch labels like Azaara jewelry present an exquisite collection of real turquoise in rings, earrings and more. This stone can be paired with others – like mother of pearl – or can be worn individually too. However, you should be wary of imitation and fakes, which are made using cheaper substitutes. While knockoffs may be cheaper, there is a huge difference between the feel, color and texture of the real thing.

One of the hottest trends this season is cuff bracelets. Sarah Jessica Parker, for instance, was spotted wearing a turquoise cuff bracelet. I love the Chaco Canyon cuff bracelet in sterling silver. It may be pricey, but I consider it to be an heirloom piece. This chunky accessory is perfect to dress up a regular outfit. Of course, I do believe it brings good luck too!

Don’t worry about pairing turquoise. You can wear it whites, greens, yellows, nudes, blacks and almost any color you can think off. Do avoid overdoing it though. For instance, wear turquoise pendants as standalone pieces. The Studio Barse necklace seeks enough attention from admirers. Pairing this standout necklace with turquoise earrings or bracelet is just too much. Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek and even Sharon Stone have sported one piece of turquoise instead of wearing too many. So, make a fashion statement by wearing turquoise the right way!

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