A letterman jacket is for classy sports fans


The Varsity Jacket by DeLaLe 2011As men, we love showing support for our favorite sports team. It’s fun to think that the harder we cheer, the better chance our team has of winning, even if we’re in front of a television one thousand miles away. The only problem with being a crazy sports fan is that it’s easy to subconsciously develop many low-class habits, like drinking when the sun’s out. Enter the letterman jacket, which communicates to everyone that you’re a crazy fan in a classy manner.

A letterman jacket has many of the features of a fancy jacket. It’s mostly leather, it has buttons instead of a zipper, and, drumroll please, it actually has a collar. If you show up to an NFL game wearing a collar, security will believe you when you say that you’re supposed to be sitting in your box seats even though you “lost your ticket.”

More importantly, the typical gut reaction to a letterman jacket is that it just looks good. We don’t have to think about it, we don’t have to rationalize it. We all understand, maybe because we associate a letterman jacket with quarterbacks and so leaders, that it has that je ne sais quois that’s so important when it comes to style.

Maybe a letterman jacket isn’t the classiest piece of outerwear, but when you’re hanging out with your typical die-hard sports fans, it will look like you’re wearing a Maserati. Most fans just don’t realize that wearing a sports jersey anywhere besides an actual sports arena shows that your admiration for grown men has reached emasculating levels. The rule of thumb with jerseys is that if you’ve reached puberty, you’re too old to wear one.

A letterman jacket, on the other hand, can be worn throughout your life as long as it’s not your actual letterman jacket from high school. Otherwise, people will think that you’re trying to absolve depression by re-living the glory days.

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