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Alex and Ani jewelry, fashion ring, cuff bracelets for women

Alex and Ani jewelry isn’t just beautifully designed, but is eco friendly too. These masterpieces are priced affordably and have garnered a loyal fan base of celebrities, including Kathie Lee Gifford and Tristan Prettyman. Prettyman wore an adorable pair of Alex and Ani’s signature expandable style bangles. Even Ashlee Simpson had been seen sporting a similar style of bangles.

The jewelry bangles from Alex and Ani come in a set of seven textured, glowing wire bangles that are available in a unique expandable design. This means that each bracelet can be customized for a snug fit on almost any wrist, be it thin or slightly plump. The brass-plated recycled metal is eco-friendly for a guilt-free and pretty piece of jewelry.

Their wire bangles remain a popular accessory with most women because they are versatile and wearable too. You can just slip them on without bothering with hoops or locks. Even though they are affordably priced, you can be assured of durability.

Alex and Ani’s fashion ring collection has been created in style has been used to design products that adorn your body and truly enlighten the mind. Some come with expandable beaded, gold plated wire with assorted charms. So, you can carry around a good luck trinket with you, even as you are serving an eco-friendly purpose. There are also options for stone-studded ones that are made from recyclable materials. The carved and etched stone rings are fashionable and also versatile enough to be worn anywhere.

Alex and Ani’s designs celebrate the uniqueness of each wearer. Carolyn Rafaelian, the designer and owner of the brand enjoys creating personalized and authentic pieces that depict inner beauty. Their range of assorted sterling silver cuff bracelets for women, wire bracelets, rings and endless hoop earrings can be worn individually or even paired with other pieces.

You can opt for jewelry pieces in classic gold and silver or choose something with a contemporary or ethnic touch. Embedded stones in rings and bangles add that oomph factor to any casual attire. The use of environmentally friendly recycled materials makes this jewelry brand very popular with celebs and fashionistas too.

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