Best of the Web no. 19


This week’s Best of the Web picks are about all about living healthier, making connections and tapping into our creative juices. Did you know, for instance, that having a pet can actually improve your mood and well-being? One of the artists we feature explores this with detailed portraits of animals. Simply sharing your creative process through blogging, can enrich your life, another of our Best of the Web picks illustrates. The last of our weekly blog picks explores the question of how to live a healthier life through articles that cover a diverse array of subjects. Read it all after the cut!

1. Healthy Happy Life

We asked the editors of this blog what constitutes a healthy, happy life? Their answer:

The purpose of this web site is to share our lifestyle with you and answer the three questions of physical, emotional, and relationship health. We all desire to have a healthy, happy life and though we may not have all the answers, we’d like to share some of the secrets that have helped us achieve success.

2. Art imitates life: My He(ART)-Full Life by Soraya Nulliah

Soraya Nulliah covers all the boundaries, blogging about DIY projects, painting techniques, motherhood and life. She tells us:

Initially I set up my blog to get my art “out there” and to challenge myself — that was the hazy idea I had. Over this past year though, blogging has ignited my creativity, provided a sense of community: real friends and kindred spirits that I have met along the way. For me, blogging has been as much about the inner journey of unearthing mySELF as it has been about connecting with others.

Soraya hopes that you’ll find creative inspiration, interconnectedness and a different point of view from her blog!

3. Fine art for animal lovers: Denise Laurent

As an artist who clearly loves animals, Denise Laurent’s work explores the unique personalities of her subjects with an intimacy and deftness of touch while filling her canvas with warmth and humor. Her style has made her a popular artist, exhibiting both in the UK and abroad. Her blog showcases new work, paintings in progress and exhibitions.

Are there any blogs that you’re just crushing on lately? Or would you like to nominate your own blog as “Best of the Web”? Leave a comment!


2 Responses to “Best of the Web no. 19”

  1. Mitzi Curi Says:

    I love the artwork, especially the cat. I would love Denise to paint my two Westies…..I’ll have to put that on my wish list!

  2. amanda@Runninghood Blog Says:

    LOVE this! So glad to find this Art blog! Thank you.

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