Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 36


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the WeekHere are some great style, fashion and art blogs that you need to check out:

1. Cool makers: “Rico Mango”

Rico Mango’s blog is a cultural community about the latest in art, music, design, photography and fashion. Since 2008, Catherine and Christian, the bloggers behind the site, have dedicated the blog to share their interests with people around the world.

2. Fashion frames: “Glitter & Pearls”

Lexi of Glitter & Pearls is a lawyer by day and a fashion / DIY nut by night. She tells us about her blog:

A passion for kitsch, love, and glamour – Glitter and Pearls is a blog full of both tacky and couture, vintage and chic. I write about everything and anything I fall in love with, from gorgeous clothes to impractical shoes, weddings I love, home decor, attempts in the kitchen, even the big scary future.

3. An interview with a style blogger: “A Fashion Deliberation”

How did the blog get started?

To be honest, I started the blog out of sheer boredom. It evolved to what it is today almost by accident. I’ve loved fashion since I was a little girl, and as hobbies, I [would] dabble in things that are fashion-related. I also tend to have a difficult time dressing my frame because I’m very petite. So I thought the perfect place to record my interest in fashion, while at the same time documenting how difficult it was to dress my petite frame, was in a personal blog.

I really didn’t expect people to actually start reading it! I started gaining my first followers pretty early on and I had to find things to blog about to keep their interest (and mine). Suddenly it became a “petite” style blog. It’s still evolving, but I’m having a great time figuring it out.

What would you like your readers to gain from it?

I hope I inspire my readers to try different things and look at my style and somehow make it their own. It’s always flattering to see someone else wearing what I’m wearing, or style something the exactly the way I’ve styled it, but that’s not necessarily the point. I want to see other’s take on what I’ve done in the past. When I do, it’s a really great feeling.

What blogs are you following, readers?


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  1. kileen Says:

    yay!! so glad to see Cher featured. she’s definitely one of my fave bloggers!

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