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No fashionista could possibly survive with just one bag! After all, different occasions necessitate different types of bags, for instance you would need to carry a clutch to a formal evening party, a tote for a shopping spree, a duffle bag for a weekend trip or a classic faux leather briefcase for a day at the office. Unless you are a rich heiress, you couldn’t possibly buy a designer bag for each occasion. So the next best alternative is to buy economical handbags, such as the Bueno purses, that look just as chic. The brand Beuno offers an entire range of handbags and purses for a price of less than $ 50. This means that you could actually buy purses that befit the occasion and coordinate with your outfits!

  • Beuno pursesThe bag that you carry to office should reflect your personality and be appropriate for your workplace environment.  Need to carry your laptop with you; you could choose between the leopard print, classic croc or faux leather briefcases.
  • The Beuno  crossbody bag is perfect for those who want to attend their classes in style!
  • If you are a minimalist, prefer to have your hands free at all times and only like to carry the essentials such as the car keys, some money and your phone with you, then the  studded Beuno mini drawstring bag or textured nylon slim crossbody would be ideal for you.
  • If you want a dressier look for a date, opt for the studded N/S washed tote or the soft pouch handbag.
  • Need to travel for on work or for pleasure for a couple of days?  Choose a travel bag that suits your persona, for instance you could choose between bags with graffiti or floral designs, ones with animal prints or the classically elegant faux leather travel bag.

The next time you feel that you don’t have a bag that is appropriate, don’t despair. A chic bag need not cost you a fortune. You can easily find one that meets your needs, is trendy and affordable!

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