Camping season is upon us



There are some things, which you cannot do without when you go camping. I remember a time when I forgot to take the most essential camping gear – a stove. And boy, did I regret it. It was so cold in the nights and when we could’ve really used hot water and soups, we had no stove. That’s one thing which is always on top of my list of things to take when camping.

Make a list and tick off things on the list once you’ve assembled it all together. This method almost always never fails. Ever since then, I’ve had my trusty Primus camp stove ready to take with me on most outdoor trips. The BTU burners are reliable and functional. Cooking and grilling food can be done efficiently on this. I particularly like the foldable and attached side wind shields that let me cook even when there’s a gale blowing outside. The removable chrome grate and integrated carrying handle makes it handy to carry around.

Sleeping bags and pads are camping essentials that you don’t want to forget at any cost. My Coleman sleeping bag has stood me in good stead now for years and is still going strong. This speaks volumes for its durability. I’ve used it in all kinds of different weather and in different places. They’re lightweight and comfortable and you can choose from a down fill or a synthetic fill. Coleman sleeping bags are available in many varieties yet are affordable and stylish. You can choose from a bag to withstand temperatures of twenty degrees or lower.

The other things on my list include cooking supplies, a first-aid kit, lights and the most important of all, a pop-up camping tent. You don’t have to struggle to put up your tent with pop-up camping tents as you can have them installed in a matter of seconds. They’re designed to simply pop-up. And dismantling them is just as easy. If you’re going to be moving around from place to place, these tents are ideal. They’re light and easy to carry and are available according to weather requirements. But a word of caution; if it’s very windy, you’ll need to secure the tent with pegs.

Make sure you make a list of all the things you need when you go camping. Don’t forget essentials like toothpaste and toothbrush. And I know I can’t do without a pillow, so I make sure I carry an air-pillow with my sleeping bag.

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