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It’s time to go to sleep.  You’ve had a bath, slipped into your pjs and are ready for your nighttime slumber. How about making your pet wear dog pajamas when it goes to sleep? Personally, I find the idea very adorable. However, not all dogs will be amenable to wearing doggie clothes, some may resist quite tenaciously. In such a case, one should never force one’s pet to wear the pjs.

Dog pajamas not only look cute, they serve a practical purpose too. For instance, during the cooler nights, pets with less or no hair may feel quite cold; cotton blend jammies will help them sleep in comfort. When the temperatures start falling further, switch to fleece pajamas to keep your pet warm and toasty. Another advantage of dog pjs is that it reduces the quantum of hair shed on your couch or in the dog bed! When buying dog pajamas for your pet, it is essential to measure your dog perfectly and to buy one that is made of a soft material, or else the fabric may chafe your pet’s skin. Woof woof family flannel sleepwear

There are different styles of doggie pajamas available in the market. You could opt for soft printed dog pjs in different or colors, for instance, ones with puppy, sheep, reindeer, snowflakes or bone prints. Pajamas of the same print can be bought for the entire family so you’ll have Papa, Mummy, the children and the pooch donning identical jammies! Other options include pajamas adorned with lace, hooded pajamas and nightgown pajamas. If you want your pet to look different and feel warm, get it a pair of personalized thermal long john pajamas.

Dog pajamas not only make your pet look endearing, they also keep it toasty. Moreover, if the entire family dresses in the same print of pjs, your pet will feel even more secure and loved! So if your pet is not averse to doggie clothes and you have not tried dog pajamas yet, go ahead and get a weather appropriate one for your pet.

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  1. avril Says:

    I think my pajama fits this dog or maybe is to small for him:))
    He looks so cute wearing pink:))) I must buy my little Lolek some to see how he’ll look like:)

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