Dos and Don’ts for picking out a prom dress


With prom season ramping up soon, it’s a delicate situation to try to pick out a nice dress that suits your body and current trends while not being a dress that someone else will have. Sometimes you can’t ask your mom for advice because she might pick out something frumpy, depending on what kind of mom you have. The magazines seem to always have some bizarre looks that they market to be popular without any girls actually wanting those dresses. What do you do? Here are quick tips for picking out the dress for you.


-Feel open to picking out bright colors, but make sure they work with your skin tone. Neon yellow is not an easy color for many people to pull off, for example. Ask the sales associates at the store and they’ll be happy to guide you to complimentary shades.

-Check out popular prom dress brands as well as small boutiques or even discount brand name retailers such as Ross. Trying on Hailey Logan dresses or dresses from Jessica McClintock will definitely be a lovely experience with sales people giving you great service, but if those brands aren’t within your budget, don’t fret. I found a really nice dress at Ross for my prom night, and since the merchandise changes all the time, I felt rest assured that nobody would have the dress I did and I was right.

-Spray on a fancy perfume for the occasion! Spritzing on Chance by Chanel or some other perfume that suits your personality will add to the experience of a sophisticated, dress-up evening.

-Accessorize! Trot out the costume jewels with champagne jewelry in the form of big statement necklaces or impressive cocktail rings. They’re fun accents for simple prom dresses.


-Wear any cut out or mid-riff showing prom dresses. Besides offending the principal, often times these dresses look really dated and a bit tacky, even if you want to show off your amazing abs from softball practice.

-Wear a fancy tiara. Even if it’s cute, it’s a little bit gaudy.

-Hog the limo for a fancy entrance. Start the night off right by sharing that limo with a big group of friends!

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