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Hickey freeman suits, French cuff dress shirts,  Cartier cufflinks

Hickey Freeman is one of the most renowned brand of men’s suits. Be it an important business meeting, wedding ceremony or an evening cocktail dressing stylishly in Hickey Freeman suits gives you an edge.


Hickey Freeman suits come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and fabrics. They cater to stylish clothing for both men and boys. The quality and design of these suits are extremely impressive. These suits are comfortable, durable and you can wear them for years.

Here are some popular Hickey Freeman accessory recommendations for that classic look:

French cuff dress shirts

French cuff dress shirts from Hickey freeman are perfect to wear for any occasion. These dress shirts are made of 100 percent pure cotton material. They are comfortable and a perfect fit for all the weather conditions. I personally like the French cuff dress shirt with dark blue and white stripes. This shirt gives a very stylish look. I love to wear this shirt for the important and special occasions of my life.

Cartier cuff-links

When you choose cuff-links make sure that they match well with the dress shirt you wear. Personally, I would prefer wearing a black colored Cartier cuff-links. These cuff-links match up with all colors of dress shirts. They also add to the overall look and presentation. Cuff-links with brown and blue shades are two other common choices.

Whatever be the occasion, Hickey Freeman suits are designed and tailored  to give you the perfect fit and look!

Guest blogger: Bhargavi

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