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dumbbell rack aerobic bench folding treadmill

With hectic lifestyles, workouts or exercising can be difficult. A home gym is an excellent alternative and you don’t need a sprawling space for it. A home gym can fit into your bedroom or living room. I recently put together my own home gym, so here are some ideas:

1.  Make a plan. Think about where you’re going to have your gym, the basement, a spare bedroom or in your living room. Do you have enough space to place the equipment? Will there be place for you to move around?

2.  Once you’ve identified the place for your home gym, buy the essentials. Obviously, you can’t have every piece of equipment like a high-end gym. If you’re new to fitness,et a gym trainer or somebody with a bit more fitness knowledge than yourself to help you select the right equipment.

3.  Think of the kind of workout you enjoy and buy accordingly. A cluttered gym is definitely not going to motivate you to workout.

4.  Since I wanted to get lean and toned, weight training was a must. I liked the idea of a dumbbell rack where I would be able to keep my dumbbells oganized. It had to save space, so the idea of a pillar dumbbell rack was attractive. Something like the Neoprene vertical dumbbell rack, that can hold a complete set of 1lb to 15 lb dumbbells, seemed like a smart way to go.

5.  An aerobic bench was another important part of my home gym, because it serves many needs. I can use it as a flat bench or incline bench and do my cardio to sculpt and build my upper and lower body. The aerobic step bench is enormously helpful in my ab workouts to trim off all that abdominal (ugghh!) fat. Low-impact, high-intensity exercises will reduce stress on joints in the long run.

6.  A treadmill is handy when you want to get in a quick workout. Treadmills are great aerobic workouts that get your blood pumping and body moving. Folding treadmills,like the SIESTA folding treadmills, can be folded and pushed aside. The SIESTA has great shock absorption features, a quiet incline and an mp3 plug with speakers.

If you don’t have enough space, do away with any equipment that isn’t necessary, or bring in something versatile like a stability ball or a yoga mat. Home gyms can hold as much as you want them to, according to your needs. Here’s to a rousing workout!

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