Eco-conscious camping


Outdoor solar shower, canvas backpack, thermos stainless steel bottle

Camping is all about re-bonding with nature and basking in the warmth of all that is green and pure. But little do we realize that when we head camping, we might be tampering with laws of nature. Now, I am not saying that you should stop taking hikes or go camping. I just suggest, you switch over to eco friendly camping gear.

Don’t worry; your camping bill won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, it might even be more cost effective. So, want to join the eco conscious camping gang? Check out these top tips-

1. Canvas backpack

Say goodbye to leather and environmentally cruel fabrics. Opt for these eco friendly, durable and versatile canvas backpacks. The Goodhope product is made from all natural fabrics, which is also completely biodegradable. This backpack is one of the big supporters of the planet and a perfect choice for those who like their camping gear to be close to nature also.

2. Eco friendly bottles and plates

Yeah, all those disposable plates and glasses are a boon. You just carry them with you eat, drink be merry and dispose them off. Switch over to thermos stainless steel bottle instead. It can help you carry water or beverages even when you are away from the camping site. This Nissan thermos also helps to maintain the temperature of your beverage. Instead of using disposable plates, opt for bamboo plates. The above two options are eco friendly and reusable too. What’s more, they do reduce your camping gear cost as they are a one-time investment.

outdoor solar shower

3. Outdoor solar shower

There are a lot of campsites that have bathrooms. But if there is none then you can try disposing by digging a hole. If there is no spring nearby to take opt for a solar outdoor shower. This is a great way to heat water on colder days or when you go camping during autumn. It heats the water using solar energy and thus doesn’t cause any damage to the environment.

Apart from this make sure to avoid-

  • Carrying portable devices to camping. You are just spoiling the entire concept of being close to nature
  • Carry disposable, biodegradable plastic bags. Dispose them off properly in a bin, which is usually available at the main camping site

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