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You have undertaken all kinds of efforts to make your home a greener place. You use organic vegetables, the kitchen is filled with energy saving appliances and even the bedroom has natural or organic bedding. But one of the most vital factors that people tend to forget, when converting to organic, is their pillows.

Believe it or not, you do spend about 8 hours every day with your pillow, as you sleep. However, you did not bother to change your pillow with the mattress. Let me bust one more myth for you over here. Not all pillows that claim to be cotton are pure. Many of them are blended with polyester.

What many individuals don’t know is that the major toxic chemical here is ethylene glycol that tends to get easily absorbed by our body through inhalation and even the skin. In the long run, it leads to damaging the kidneys and central nervous system. So, are you really getting your beauty sleep? Here are some eco friendly options to make sure that your nothing toxic enters your body even as you sleep-

1. Bamboo pillow

This SigmaBoo bamboo pillow is made from natural and safe bamboo extracts. The pillow features natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties that ensure that you have a safe sleep, without any pesticides or toxins. Also, the pillow has a very soft touch and feel, thus assuring a sounder and more pleasant sleep.

2. Buckwheat pillows

Buckwheat bed pillows are one of the coolest and greener options to get your beauty sleep. It helps to melt away the tension from your body and offers excellent support and a custom fit. You can be assured of not having skin allergies or reactions because of toxic polyester. Opt for these stylish and yet functional options instead.

3. Decorative pillows

Damask pillows are one of the safer alternatives for choosing green, decorative pillows. Though their entire range is not made from organic materials, they do have some exquisite designs in 100% linen. The fabric in itself is skin and eco friendly. What’s more it is also very easy to maintain and blends with most bedroom ambiences.

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