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Decorative wall plates that feature a silhouette of your choosing: isn’t it a nifty idea? Although I’m generally a fan of hypermodern, sleek, minimalist Scandinavian designs, I do have a soft spot for ornamentation of a more romantic variety. Bayberry’s personalized silhouette plates fit just this aesthetic.

decorative wall plates, decorative platesBayberry, a business that specializes in photo announcements and invitations, takes the classic art of the silhouette bust and transforms it. Silhouette art began in the 1700s and originally took form in paper cut designs outlining a person’s profile.

While paper silhouettes are beautifully and ornate, they’re incredibly fragile. By translating paper cutouts into painted ceramic, Bayberry captures the personal nature of the silhouette into a more permanent form.

The silhouettes are completely personalized and come from photographs that clients provide, transformed with technology and a bit of artistry.

Bayberry’s personalized silhouette plates offer the perfect balance of sentimental and shabby chic cool, making them a great Mother’s Day gift or even a graduation gift. Here are some ideas on how to add a bit of whimsical flair:

  • Mother’s Day gift: Forgo the banal family photo with your siblings – instead, give her plates with all her children’s silhouettes.
  • A keepsake for grandma and grandpa: Grandparents would love to keep this timeless reminder of their grandchildren on the living room wall.
  • Anniversary keepsake: Like a lock of hair in a locket or a handwritten love letter, your significant other would appreciate such a sentimental gesture as a pair of plates with both of your silhouettes on them.

What do you think of these decorative plates from Bayberry (www.bayberryannouncements.com)?

What silhouette would you get on one of these plates, and why?


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