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When it comes to softball, there are just as many important factors to consider when purchasing a bat. Just like baseball, you must consider whether you want to use heavy or light softball bats as well as what type of material you want your bat to be made out of. The last thing you want to do is use something that’s inappropriate for your size and can cause any potential injuries to you as you try to swing to clear the bases.

Pick what feels right….

Are you trying to swing to hit the ball out of the ballpark or are you more of a top of the lineup line-drive slapper? Always keep in softball-batsmind what feels right to you and that the bat should not be too heavy for you or your child if you’re shopping for them. Children should be using bats that are approximately the same length as their arms while adults have the freedom to choose any length they wish.

Is your league slow pitch or fast pitch?

Depending on whether your league is slow pitch or fast pitch softball, you will want to purchase your bat accordingly. For slow pitch softball leagues, you may want a heavier bat while faster pitch leagues are great for lighter. Slow pitch bats will allow batters to swing faster and harder to help compensate for a slower moving ball while fast pitch bats use larger barrels to help the hitter make contact.

Do you want an aluminum or titanium bat?

While most softball bats are usually made from aluminum, titanium is often lighter with larger sweet spots. With wooden softball bats becoming increasingly rare, it’s important to know the qualities and features of both types of material. Where as an aluminum bat may come in a variety of alloys with different weights, a titanium lined bat will typically use a thinner-wall that allows them to be lighter and increasing a swing speed.

Is it league approved?

One important thing is to always check with your league on whether or not your bat of choice is fair use for regulated play. All ASA (Amateur Softball Association of America) bats will have a stamp on their bat telling the consumer that they’re approved.


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