Keep your dog healthy, treat him for worms and ticks


Probably like most people, you love your dog to death. You can’t bare seeing him or her suffer in any way. Well, it’s pretty understandable. That’s why you like to take care of him, take him to the vet, give him the best medication for all the problems he may encounter.

If there’s one thing that dogs, and you, can suffer of for a longtime, it’s ticks. They catch them anywhere, like on a walk in the grass, outside in your lawn, etc. Well instead of spending hours trying to spot them in your beloved one’s fur, just treat him with K9 Advantix. It repels and kills fleas, tricks and mosquitos living in your dog’s hairs.

Your friend can also be affected by heartworms, intestinal worms and any other types of worms. This kind of issue can be overcome by a drug called Sentinel Interceptor. You might want to ask your veterinarian for advice before putting your dog on this drug, it can be very helpful but there are a couple of things you need to know about it.

The last drug I’d like to talk to you about is Frontline Plus. It’s another very efficient tick and flea killer for both dogs and cats. Apparently it is able to kill almost all ticks and fleas from your pet’s fur in just 24h.

Please read the directions for each type of medication you’d like to give your dog, some of they can harm them if they are not suitable.


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