Kids don’t like boring beds


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I’ve recently discovered that there are a ton of awesome beds out there for kids. When I was a kid, all I got was a crappy twin bed with boring sheets. Not much fun. My parents really screwed the pooch on my childhood bedding. I could’ve had racecar beds, or something awesome. Personally, I would have loved a spaceship bed. Anyways, if you’re a parent, do the right thing, don’t get your kid a boring bed, buy them a sweet, theme bed. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Bunk beds

This is for the conservative parent who still wants to make sleeping fun. I have a brother and we always wanted bunk beds, but never got the chance. Bunk beds are great for siblings who love being energetic and messing with one another. I still wish I had the chance to have a bunk bed. Maybe when I’m older.

Theme beds

Theme beds are pretty awesome, let’s be honest. I always wanted a race car twin bed as a kid. Anyhow, having a theme bed means you’re going to be the cool kid on the block. Even if you have a girl, rather than a boy, you can still get a theme bed. Just get a princess canopy twin bed instead of a dinosaur twin bed. That may be sexist and reinforcing gender roles, so take that advice with a grain of salt.

Whatever bed you pick for your bed, give them something interesting. A bed can be more than somewhere to sleep, it can be something fun and neat for a kid to have. Don’t let your kids be me.

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