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Lighting for your home is quite possibly the most important task, at least if you expect to use your home at night. Good lighting makes your home look a lot better and of course brighter. The type of lighting that we use has changed over the past few years. Lights have become more and more efficient and powerful. The movement towards the conservation of energy has resulted in the improvement in the quality of lighting products.

Back in the old days a 25 watt incandescent lamp would light up a tiny stairway or a small storeroom. A 75 watt incandescent lamp would give you about enough light to light up a small study room or a table lamp. If that’s not bright enough a 100 watt bulb would definitely do the trick. While incandescent bulbs may have been the discovery that put us out of darkness, it sure isn’t very efficient. When it comes to measuring efficiency we usually see how many lumens a source will produce per watt. Incandescent lamps produced a max of 17 lumens per watt while compact fluorescent lamps (commonly known as CFLs) run at about 25 to 60 lumens per watt. The high capacity lumen lights using CFL technology are now widely used in homes across the world.

Most countries around the world have already begun the process of eliminating incandescent lamps in an effort to reduce energy consumption. In 2007 a new technology for producing light came into existence in LEDs. They achieved better efficiency as they ran at about 30 to 65 lumens per watt. This might sound just a little more than CFL’s but the scope of improvement for LED’s made them an improvement. Now there are LED lights which can even produce 100 lumens per watt.

Now the problem with LEDs is that they aren’t viable solutions for home lighting due to the cost factor. They are a little too expensive to be used at home or home offices. But one place they can be used is in high lumen flashlights. Since LEDs are a lot more efficient and produce more light per watt compared to incandescent lamps and CFLs they make ideal for flashlights. You could get a wide range of options, from a 200 lumen flashlight to an extremely high powered 2000 lumen flashlight. Since LED lighting is more efficient the batteries used will last a lot longer compared to the ancient incandescent and CFL flashlights.

So get yourself the right lighting and do your bit in the bid to conserve energy!

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