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armless loveseat, big coffee mugs, lamp shade

Everyone loves the sitcom ‘Friends’, if you don’t then you must be kidding me. It is one of the most successful and memorable comedy sitcom ever. Everything is notice worthy and inspirational from the characters to the interiors to even the animals (remember the duck and the chick!). The coffeehouse is the most loved place and the most frequented place in ‘Friends’. Every episode has a scene in the coffeehouse. In fact, at the end of this sitcom saga, the actors took something as a memorabilia from the coffeehouse.

I have always wanted a recliner or Rosita shall we say, (as christened by Joey) in my living room, along with the ‘French poster’ that used to hang on above the TV in ‘Monica’s’ apartment. No, this is not an obsession for the TV series, ‘Friends’ but a fun way to make your living room look cool! The ambience of the show is lo-fi or low fidelity. It’s chic, retro and has an aura of the 70′s punk.

You can bring in little bit of ‘Friends’ in your living room by adding furniture and décor that has been used in the sitcom or inspired by it. Take, for example, the armless loveseat. It is contemporary, distinctive and versatile, oozing lot of love, just like its name. It can be used in any living room, irrespective of its size or living room space.

If you want your living room to look like a coffeehouse or Central Perk, then do not forget to get some big coffee mugs. Remember, Rachel’s first job as a waitress at the coffeehouse and she serving coffee (the wrong order though) in big coffee mugs, makes you getting one.

Funk it up with a lamp shade that looks like a Victorian era’s lamp-post and put the cherry on the icing, in relation to coffeehouse style living room décor. You can add many elements like these and revamp your living room, to entertain your ‘friends’ and guest over, for some relaxing time!

Whatever you do with your living room, remember not to clutter it and let there be enough space. this is because living room with appropriate space and furniture, will not sound like a ‘living room’ rather it will look like a store room instead!

Guest blogger: Maria

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