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Bag is a necessity equally for men as for women to carry items. However, men hold a different opinion on its usage. They prefer briefcases over bags as they feel that it provides them a unique identity and convenience. But what about other personal stuff they might need? Like the gym clothes, shoes and other personal stuff. This makes a bag a kind of living necessity. There are a wide variety of men’s bags that are not just perfect but also give a very trendy and stylish look. I feel messenger bag is one such bag which is neutral look-wise, fashionable and functional.

Messenger bags have become popular and are trendy. No matter what your profession and life style is, there is a messenger bag for every one.  Yes, there are a huge variety of messenger bags available on the market, choose the one which suits you and your style. If you are working professional then go for leather messenger bag. Made of high quality Italian leather, this bag features beautiful crafting and solid construction. This leather bag has enough room to place all your essential items you take to workplace every day. It gives you a very classy and professional look.

If you are college goer or an athlete, then go for some trendy and casual style messenger bags. Many top brands like Nike, Puma and Adidas offer a wide collection of messenger bags. I personally like the black colored Adidas messenger bag. This Adidas university messenger bag is specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of a college kid. This bag has several compartments to place laptops, books, etc. It also has inner pockets to put your mp3player and mobile phone.

Another great bag you can go for is a jack spade bag. This bag has a voguish and retro look. This durable bag is perfect to wear for college, gym and even when you travel outdoors. It has enough space to place all your essentials. This bag gives you a chic look when worn on casual attire like jeans, shorts, t-shirts.

A bag is indeed a sort of indispensable commodity in both men and women’s daily lives, so buy one and carry what you need to in style!

Guest blogger: Bhargavi

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