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We all love taking photos and I am sure each and every one of us have photos of ourselves when we were young. Back in the days 35mm cameras were the only way we could take photos and weren’t they a pain. Once you take a picture off a 35mm camera you would then have to take its negatives and then get them developed at a studio. Thankfully nowadays you have digital cameras where you don’t really need to do that anymore.

Now I am sure a lot of us still have a lot of negatives of photos we took in the past and negatives as we know them aren’t really reliable to store. Any exposure to light and you could lose your photographs for good and nobody wants that. So what do you do? Well its simple, all you need to do is get your hands on a film and slide converter or Slide scanner and convert your negatives into digital copies. A 35 mm slide scanner will scan all your negatives into digital copies which you can then store on your computer or online. This way you would be able to store you pictures without the worry about them being lost forever.

With a slide scanner can convert your negatives into digital copies that you can store on your computer. Because of this you can even share all your childhood photographs with your friends on Facebook or Flickr. This way your photos will be safe on the servers of Facebook and Flickr or on your computer. Coming to the latest slide scanners, the ones from Epson and Image box are possibly the easiest to use. Both these slide scanners will convert your all of your 35mm file slides into a digital format in seconds. You will also have the option of saving the files as jpeg or tiff formats. Once you have scanned your negatives or hardback photos you edit them with the software they provide. Image box provides Adobe Photoshop Elements software with which you can crop, resize or edit them in whichever way you want.

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