Five Easter basket stuffers you can make yourself


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It may sound strange but as a child, I always looked forward to Easter. While the early morning church service wasn’t the most scintillating, and I had to wear an itchy dress and tights and a clip that tugged at my hair, it was a necessary precursor to the rest of the day’s festivities: food, Easter games with my many cousins and of course, an Easter basket full of goodies.

I’m definitely too old now for my mom to consider making an Easter basket for me, but it’s fun to pass the memories on to the next generation of nieces and nephews in my family. And you don’t have to spend a lot on an expensive basket full of Belgian chocolate eggs and pricey stuffed bears, either. If you haven’t noticed already, kids aren’t exactly cosmopolitan when it comes to the brand of toys and candy they eat. Creating a personalized Easter basket is fun and will help you save a few bucks too!

Here are a couple of ideas for do-it-yourself Easter basket stuffers:

1. Cascarones

Cascarones are decorated eggs filled with confetti that you crack, festively, on the heads of others. No one knows for sure where they came from, but it’s generally accepted that some form of the cascaron existed in Asia, were transported to Europe via Marco Polo, and made its way to the New World in the mid-1800s. They make a great alternative to plastic Easter eggs or hardboiled ones, especially for an Easter egg hunt – if you don’t find them, you don’t have to worry about rotting eggs in your lawn!

2. DIY stuffed animals

I have really fond memories of the cuddly stuffed rabbits or ducks received on Easter Day, but you don’t necessarily have to buy them. Try using pieces of felt to make stuffed animals or hand puppets for an easy cuddly toy. Old knitted stockings make great sock puppets. You can even make paper dolls: print them off the computer or – creative folks –illustrate your own!

3. Frosted sugar cookies in Easter shapes

Pastel frosting and cookie cutters shaped like bunnies or eggs are all you need to transform your favorite sugar cookie recipe into a fantastic Easter treat!

blowing bubbles4. Bubbles to blow

Bubble solution is really simple: all you need is water, dishwashing liquid, and a thickener like sugar or corn syrup. Store the solution easily in mason jars. To make a bubble wand, try bending a wire hanger into the right shape with pliers, and be sure to tape off the sharp ends with electrical tape.

5. Homemade Play-Doh

Use flour, water, salt, vegetable oil and cream of tartar for a do-it-yourself version of the classic child’s clay that doesn’t dry out. You can get creative with your food colors and create Easter-appropriate pastel Play-Doh colors too!


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