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Football is the world’s most loved game and the thrill of it can be experienced, when you play the game. Selecting the right football gear will help you perform well and improve it too. Choosing the right gear will help you to maintain your position in the game. When making the selection, you need to follow some steps that will ensure perfect fit, comfort and protection when playing football.

Helmet is the first gear to be looked into. Choose one that is big, but one that fits well and provides comfort. See to it that it does not fall off. There are helmets that come with paddings within, so that all head sizes fit in. Schutt helmets are the best. Schutt makes some cutting edge helmets, whose development and design, focusing on the improvement of the game.

When purchasing shoulder pads, take the advice and recommendation of an expert, like, your coach. An expert will be able to tell you what type of pad will be apt for your position. Choosing the right shoulder pad is a must because football shoulder pads are protective gears for the players. These pads protect the players from major collisions taking place in the game every time. If the pads are not strong and sturdy or does not provide the perfect fit, then the player becomes susceptible to some serious injuries, for example, broken collarbone and ribs. Prior to the game season, re-fit the pads just to make sure that the size is the same, this is applicable to growing kids.

Next up, is the footwear. Imagine running around and defending yourself from the gnarling football players, wearing your favorite boots? Sounds ridiculous right? Well, yes it does sounds stupid because football shoes are different from regular shoes. These shoes are known as, football cleats and they are made with top quality and sturdy materials, with spikes below the soles. These spikes provide friction to the players’ feet and prevent from slipping and skidding on the field. The Jordan football cleats are the most sought after and one that every professional player should own.

Remember, in the game of football there are more injuries than scores, so choose your gears keeping safety and comfort in mind. Do not compromise on these two.

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