Solar power your home to save electricity


solar panels in an amusement parkWe Americans consume the most electricity of any other country in the world. We can help elevate some of that burden on our natural resources and lower our carbon footprint by taking a few basic steps to reduce our consumption of electricity. One of biggest wastes of electricity are things that might not seem to draw much wattage but will add up over time. Many suburban houses light up the front of their house or backyard with lights throughout the night for security and safety reasons. Although it is useful, keeping lights on throughout the night definitely adds up on the electric bill over the course of a year.

If you want your lights to be self sustaining and completely off the grid, you should look into solar powered lights for your front and back yard. Solar post caps are great for lighting the path of your patio or your porch steps. Instead of buying generic wooden post caps, you can put solar post caps on top of your fence, railings, and steps to give your home a more inviting look. There are many different types of solar post caps but they all implement similar technology. On top of the solar post cap lies the solar panel, absorbing the intense rays of the sun throughout the day. Inside the solar post caps are rechargable batteries, usuall Nickle Cadium batteries to save on costs. You may be able to switch them out with some better performing Nickle Metal Hydride batteries if you wish. Light comes from efficient LEDs and will last thousands of hours.

You can also employ the use of solar garden lights which are completely self contained like the solar post caps and use the same technology. Although many solar garden lights are dimmer than ones hardwired into your home’s electrical system, they are bright enough to light a path safely.

If you want to seriously save some electricity, use a solar water heater to help heat up the water you use to shower and bathe in. This will be especially useful in places with a lot of sun and will help dramatically reduce the cost of your electrical bill. Although it is an expensive investment, it will last for years and will pay itself off.

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