The art of shaving for men


The art of shaving, shaving cream, aftershave lotion

There are many men, who think shaving is just to get rid of the facial hair. It is more like a routine work for most of them, irrespective of the fact that the skin’s condition depends on the shaving technique. Men have to be careful when shaving. Whether you aim is maintenance of mustache or beard or even removal of facial hair, you have to be tactful and careful. Some men simply apply some shaving cream and finish off the process by splashing some aftershave and the deal is done. Really?! The answer is a ‘No’. With this perspective of shaving, you will simply end up with rough skin and cause only harshness to it.

The art of shaving has been formulated with products and remedies that will leave all men with smooth and healthy facial skin, after a shave. This formulation was formed by Eric Malka and Myriam Zaoui in the year 1996, with the goal to provide a line of shaving products that are natural. These shaving products are made with a concoction of essential oils like lemon, lavender and sandalwood. These essential oils help in protecting and enhancing the skin, irrespective of its type. The shaving equipment and gears offered by the Art of Shaving line helps in getting the closest shave. You can also choose from its, range of other shaving products, from the moisturizers, fragrances, facial cleansers and also combs and shampoos.

The Art of Shaving is formulated to provide more than just shaving and hair removal. It is the incorporation of 4 steps, which are preparing for the shave, creating the lather, starting the process of shaving and then moisturizing or aftershave lotion to maintain the health and smoothness of the skin.  This Art of Shaving has many followers and now even women, because of its line of shaving products for women.

Following the steps and being careful when shaving will allow you to have the perfect shave and smoothness of skin, creating the ‘look to kill’ for sure! Do not take the process of shaving as a routine deal but be careful and take it to completely different level, for the best experience!

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