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elongated toilet lid covers, aroma zen potpourri pot, knock down toilet safety frame

Let’s face it, bathrooms are probably one of the most underrated rooms. I know I spend an inordinate time in the bathroom, whether it is for normal bathroom functions or just to hang out. Anyhow, since I spend so much time in the bathroom, why not spice it up a bit? Let’s start slow, with some simple ways to give your bathroom a bit of flair.


Deck out your toilet in some frames, like a knock down toilet safety frame. Sure, you may not be elderly or invalid, but frames are sweet!  Get one in chrome, and install some spinnaz, and you got yourself a sweet frame when you are using the porcelain throne. Rock on!


Let’s be honest, nobody’s business smells sweet. The least you can do is cover it up a bit with some potpourri. Sure, there’s always Febreze, but that stuff doesn’t smell much better to be honest. Get an Aroma Zen potpourri pot, so that it provides a subtle scent that covers up your droppings. It also looks a lot nicer than a can of spray potpourri, so you can pretend you’re a little bit classy while worshipping the porcelain god.

Toilet lid covers

Toilet lid covers give your bottom a bit of special comfort, which is nice, especially after the morning after eating spicy food. There are all types of custom toilet covers, such as fur or elongated toilet seat covers. Anyhow, if you want to give yourself a bit more cover down under, invest in one of these.

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