Vinyl tablecloth: the silent savior of college dining areas


vinyl tablecloth

This week we’re kicking off our miniseries showcasing the assets of great basic home items, starting with the vinyl tablecloth.  What makes the vinyl tablecloth great, you ask? We’re here to step in and tell you what’s what.

Having a vinyl tablecloth combines the best of style and laziness, with an endless selection of bold patterns or trusty solids to dress up your dining area. Just a couple swipes with a wet cloth and your tablecloth is as good as new.

How does this benefit you?

-Sloppy Joes night can be every night until you’re sick of it

-You won’t hate your friends for bringing their messy kids to the dinner party

-Changing the tablecloth can “revamp” your dining area without really doing anything different

-You don’t have to toss fabric tablecloths into the waste regularly, taking away one chore from your to-do list

-You can afford a cheaper, possibly aesthetically repulsive table since you’re going to cover it with a vinyl tablecloth anyway, so go nuts at the thrift store!

-Do away with coasters!


For your tablecloth, be sure to keep kitchen mittens handy to rest a hot pot of soup on so that your vinyl tablecloth doesn’t melt. This’ll make it last longer and look sleeker for longer too.


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