Make your network wireless


Make your network wireless

Wireless technology has surely revolutionized computing. Not only does it makes things a lot more convenient but also decreases the mess wires make. The biggest advantage when it comes to wireless technology in networking. Wireless networks have enabled users to communicate with other systems wirelessly. This has considerably decreased the number of RJ 45 cables which do nothing but accumulate dust! Here’s a brief guide on how to make your network wireless.

First off you would need to get yourself a wireless router. Now while picking a wireless router you would need to first figure out how far apart are your computers going to be from it. Among the wireless routers, the “N” wireless router happens to be the most powerful one that has the highest range while the “G” wireless router happens to have the least wireless range. You should also find out how many wireless connections the router will allow at a time based on the number of computers you want to connect to the wireless network.

Once you have got yourself a router you would need to check if all your computers are Wi-Fi capable. Almost all laptops nowadays come with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver but when it comes to desktops you usually have to go and get one. If you plan to make your desktop capable of receiving wireless signals then you would need to get yourself a USB wireless adapter or a wireless lan card. The difference between the two is that wireless adapters can be used on different computers without much hassle while wireless LAN cards go into your motherboard’s PCI slot which might not be so easy to remove and use elsewhere. Wireless lan cards are pretty much outdated nowadays and wifi adapters or wireless usb adapters are the ones you should get.

Once you have the necessary hardware in place you can begin connecting to the wireless router. Since your network would be wireless it would be a good idea to put in a password for your network so no one outside your network joins in. Your router will also have the ability to broadcast internet wirelessly to the systems connected to the router as well. This way you would have a single unified source of internet access. So when problems arise you will know exactly where to check.

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