What size diamond should I get?


3 carat diamond ring

Baseball-sized! No kidding, if you’re offering me diamonds, why on earth should I settle for something less than that. Well, since I can’t really afford it and I haven’t yet discovered innovative software to become a billionaire, let me settle for something smaller (as of now).

A lot of women might not agree with me, but size is not the only thing that matters when it comes to choosing diamonds. You may have purchased a 3 carat diamond ring, but does it have the required luster and shine that would catch the eye?

Let me start by explaining a few things about diamonds. First is the carat, which is the measure or weight of the diamond (who doesn’t love flattering sizes and weight in diamonds). But the carat doesn’t always ensure the size of the diamond.

A diamond’s size is evaluated by viewing it from the top, especially when presented in the ring form. For understanding the diamond’s size, one generally checks out the:

  • Millimeter distance, across the top
  • Cut grade of the diamond

Diamonds retain their sparkle or amount of light reflected on the top. So a good cut would ensure that more light is reflected, making it appear bigger. A poorly cut one on the other hand would not reflect as much light, which makes it appear smaller.

In simple words, a well-cut 3 carat diamond ring would appear much bigger in size, as compared to a 4 carat one your friend owns. So, the next time she brags about size, let her know that is not what all that matters for a girl!

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