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After a long, stressful day at work all you want is a cozy, warm bedroom. It gives all the peace and relaxation that you’ve wanted so badly. What could be better than having a bedroom that you’ve always dreamed of? A dreamy room that has the most luxurious décor with plush bedding, a beautiful shag rug and some exquisite lighting? Getting this dreamy room isn’t all that difficult or expensive. Here is how you can create a bedroom of your dreams without spending a mammoth amount of money.

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed. All the designing and decoration in a bedroom is often done around it. Hence, it is extremely important to have the right bed and bedding to get the look you want for your room.

A canopy bed is what I would suggest. Canopy beds add a classy, royal touch to the bedroom décor. With the canopy bed frame in place, you either have the option of adding canopy curtains or leaving the posts the way they are. Either way, your bedroom is only going to look more elegant and more beautiful. For the bedding, choose something that is absolutely luxurious and plush to the touch.

There is nothing more relaxing than having a cozy and comfortable bedding set on your bed that will lull you into a dreamy sleep. candice olson beddingIf this is what you want, try Candice Olson bedding. Drama is the signature element of these bedding styles. Each piece of the bedding set, be it the comforter, coverlet or the pillow; spells royalty and luxury. This bedding collection will surely make your bedroom space feel amazing and leave you spellbound.

Once you have taken care of the bed, the next important thing is the flooring.Shag rug You can go for wood, marble, tiles or whatever but do not forget to get the carpeting done. Carpeting will make your bedroom look extraordinarily luxurious. You can even opt to have a shag rug near your bed so that you can let your feet feel its softness every morning.

If carpeting the entire floor area is taking you a little over budget, you can avoid it but a shag rug is a must-have for the dreamy look to your room. For the walls, you can use some dark colors and add accents like decorative mirrors, wall motifs and some beautiful lights. There isn’t much that you will have to do to make your dream bedroom. Just a little effort and some extra pennies will give you what you have always wanted!

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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