What’s your favorite animal print?


Animal print shirts


Wanna be the queen of the fashion-jungle? Then animal print shirts, jackets, leggings, dresses, and even accessories are a must-have in your wardrobe. These chic and trendy prints have been a rage on the runway for many seasons now. Starting from Lady Gaga to Jessica Alba, animal prints have become a wardrobe staple for most Hollywood celebrities. So, what’s your favorite?

Every fashionista has her preference of animal prints. And believe it or not, many psychologists say that the kind of print you pick reflects a lot about your personality. Now, I really don’t know what these prints talk about the inner-self, what I do know is that they speak the universal language of fashion! Here are some of my best picks-
1. Leopard

I love the classic leopard prints that have showcased on the fashion runway on and off. For the past few years, they have retained the top slot. The versatile prints can be worn in jacket styles (Kate Moss recently flaunted one) and many colors too.

Animal print shirts
2. Zebra

What I adore most about this print is that it adds some piazzas to even mundane outfits. Scarves of this print over the little black dress give it an instant makeover. Also, these zebra prints are available in hues like purple, pinks, turquoise and many other summery colors.

Now, you can find many other animal prints like snake, cheetah or even tiger in the fashion niche. But I prefer sticking with the above two as they are not-over-the-top. A little note here, animal prints are done digitally these days and are not cruel to animals. So, go ahead and pick a style that suits your personality!

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